Q. What is this F.A.Q.?
A. F.A.Q. stands for Frequently Asked Questions. We, at Waxing Salon Airdrie, want to give our customers all the information they require to make informed choices. This is not only ethical, but it helps us maintain our high standards and it helps us to communicate better with our clients, whether they\\\'re visiting our website to make an appointment, or just to get more information on waxing.

Q. Does waxing hurt?
A. It does hurt more the first time than any other time. That is because you are pulling out a lot of hair, your nerves are on edge, and you don’t know what to expect. However, it is a quick, temporary sting that stops hurting right away. Follow all the tips we give you and you\\\'ll be fine. The second time is much easier! After your first wax, the hair grows back finer and more sparse, becomes less prickly between waxings, and retains its smoothness much longer.

Q. What should I do , or not do, before I come for waxing?
A. Before

  • Wash the desired area thoroughly to remove body oils that may prevent the waxing strips from properly removing your hair
  • Make sure that the area which you intend to wax does not have any wounds, skin rashes, acne
  • Do not shave the desired spot before waxing. Your hair should be at least 1/2″ long, any hairs shorter than that will not get pulled out.
  • Trimming down the longer hairs makes the treatment way less painful


  • Apply oil immediately after the treatment and use it to get rid of the remaining wax. The next step is to put some talcum powder in order to prevent skin wetting.
  • Never moisture the treated area as this can lead to skin infections or irritations. Wait at least 12 hours before taking a shower.
  • The use of an after wax cream some 60 minutes after the procedure helps soothe the skin down

Q. How long do I have to let my hair grow out?
A. As long as possible. Seriously, the longer the better... 3-4 weeks or 1/2 (1cm), whichever is longer. The more follicles/roots we can pull, the cleaner the wax and the longer it is going to last. Also, the happier you are going to be! It can be hard to let it grow out but the longer the hair is, the cleaner it will turn out.

Q. How long will it last?
A. In order to keep the hair coming in at a reduced rate, you would come in about every 3-4 weeks. The discomfort would be about a third of what it originally was because you would be having about a thrid of your hair removed. If you follow the “Waxing Salon Airdrie.com rules and tips and come in on our recommended schedule, you should be a satisfied customer by your second visit! And your satisfaction is what we aim for!

Q. When you say Brazilian, what do you mean?
A. The definition varies. For us, if we remove the labia hair it is a Brazilian—regardless of what you leave or don’t leave on top, a line, a triangle, or nothing. Our standard Brazilian is a la carte (no tush) unless requested.

Q. Are there any age restrictions on waxing?
A. In fact, there are. Waxing Salon Airdrie is a family-friendly environment, meaning you must be at least 18 years old, or have parental approval/signature, to use our waxing services.

Q. Are there other ways to remove hair from my body?
A. Yes, but shaving or using a depilatory cream, only removes the hair at the surface rather than from the root. Within a few days, the hair can be seen at the surface and your hair will tend to grow back in a rough stubble. If you have those areas repeatedly waxed over long periods of time, often the hair re-growth is much softer and finer. Therefore waxing is the best solution for removing hair from your body for a longer period of time. You can read more Waxing Salon\\\'s Airdrie recommendations about this topic in our Waxing Page.

Q. OK, I\\\'m convinced, what areas can you wax for me?
A. I can remove hair from your back, chest, shoulders, stomach, abdomen, arms, armpits, legs, toes, etc. However, I do not provide Brazilian waxing for males.

Q. What sort of waxing do you do?
A.That depends on which area of your body you would like hair to be removed from. If you would like hair removed from your back, chest, shoulders, stomach, abdomen, arms, underarms, and legs, we do warm waxing.

Q. Ok, so what is warm waxing?
A. Warm waxing, also known as peelable waxing, film waxing or non-strip waxing is used to remove short, coarse and stubborn hairs anywhere on your body. Warm wax is applied to your body with a spatula, then a strip of cloth is applied, that is then ripped off quickly, taking the hairs with it. The warm wax is ideal for sensitive areas as it doesn\\\'t stick to your skin. It is very important that the skin in the area being waxed is kept taught to avoid any bruising.

Q. Tell me about male Brazilian waxing...
A. Brazilian waxing is named after Brazil, the country in which it originated. It was first used for women wanting to wear thong bikinis when they were the latest fashion. Today it is preferred for a clean, sexy look. You can have as much or as little hair removed as you wish.

Q. Are all my details kept confidential?
A. Yes. All your personal details, including contact details, are completely confidential. None of your details will be passed to a third party.

Q. Do you play music during the treatment?
A. You have a choice! Airdrie Waxing Salon staff can wax you with background music or relaxing sounds. Or, if you prefer, waxing can be done in silence.

Q. How much does it cost to be waxed?
A. That depends on which areas you would like to be waxed and how long it takes. You can check our Services Page for more information

Q. How can I pay?
A. Waxing Salon Airdrie accepts Cash and Cheques.

Q. What happens if I am early or late for my appointment?
A. Please do your best to arrive on time but if you are a few minutes early or late for your appointment, don’t worry. If you are early, we have a waiting room for you to sit in with a few magazines to read. If you are very late, or expect to be very late, please let me know as soon as possible as I may be able to delay the next client.