Bikini Service


   The Bikini waxing service refers to removing the body hair of the bikini area. The bikini area or line is the imaginary line in a woman\'s pubic region that delineates that part which would normally be covered by the bottom part of a swimsuit. In modern cultures, it is common for women to remove hair from this region for aesthetic reasons. We recommend to waxing should also performed on the upper leg or the full leg. Waxing Salon Lethbridge offers a special service for that area.



We, at Waxing Salon Airdrie, strive to achieve the best results for our customers with minimum pain. Our typical procedure consists of:

  • Warming up the wax to a temperature that allows for easy hair removal, without burning the skin.
  • After that, we apply a thin layer of wax with a spatula in the direction of hair growth.
  • Then, we apply a piece of epilating strip over the wax.
  • After that, we hold the skin taut and we quickly pull the epilating strip parallel to the skin, so that we don\\\'t tear the skin and reduce the amount of pain that is felt by the customer.
  • Immediately after that, we apply firm pressure to the waxed area to reduce the pain and feeling of disconfort.